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Grown-up Security

Well, I've been fuming for the past few weeks over something, and I've just now gotten around to doing something about it.

I went back to my dorm room the other day, and a few buddies followed me in. One of them was carrying a camera; he was filming me for whatever reason (he's weird like that). Anyway, I sat down at my computer and unlocked it (brought it out of the screensaver with my password) so I could begin studying for the upcoming finals (the next morning). Soon as I did, the dude with the camera behind me smiled and said, "Now I've got your password." I didn't know what to do. My computer password is the most secure password I have: alpha, numeric, symbol, and 10 characters long. I use that VERY secure password for the things that I REALLY need secured: computer data, and banks. The first former would be bad, but the later would be worse. If he knows that password, he can literally bankrupt me. Oh shit.

So, something had to be done; I needed to evolve the way I secure things. I'm in college now, so I should probably do it anyway. I need
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