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Rockbox - Sansa e260v2

I bought a cheap, $30 refurbished MP3 player off of woot back in December '08: the . I love the price, but the firmware was buggy, the interface was sloppy, and the features were moot.

Enter Rockbox. An open source alternative firmware for a bunch of different popular MP3 players. It has a huge community of developers and users, so--naturally--the code is pretty solid and the features are innumerable.

The Sansa MP3 Player

The Sansa MP3 Player

Sansa running Rockbox

Sansa running Rockbox

Sansa running doom in Rockbox

Sansa running doom in Rockbox

Unfortunately, the Sansa e260v1 is officially supported, but the Sansa e260v2 is not. That being said, I--and many, many others--have successfully loaded Rockbox onto their e200v2 series Sansa.

Of course, when making modifications to your firmware, you always risk the chance of completely bricking your device. Do not attempt this unless you're willing to accept that risk. If you do brick your Sansa, you might be able to recover it

Follow these instructions in order to install the unsupported version of Rockbox onto your Sansa e200v2 series MP3 Player

Note: As this is a pre-release, it has been put out only for testing purposes. Things were stable for me, but you're likely to experience bugs. If you do discover an unknown issue, please report them by replying to the initial post. Lastly, I think there are known issues with 2 pieces of this release: SD and USB support.

If you want test latest (bleeding) version of Rockbox, you can compile it yourself straight from the svn trunk. One more great thing about Rockbox: there is ample documentation to assist your ever endeavor

Anyway, I'm off to hack my reborn, amazing Sansa-- staring with a theme.

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