Sabayon, KDE, and Evolution

I recently reformatted my hard drive--switching from pure Gentoo to the Sabayon fork. Sabayon did for Gentoo what Ubuntu did for Debian. It's generally a lot easier to use, but--unlike Ubuntu--it doesn't sacrifice functionality for ease-of-use.

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xpdf Supremacy

In Ubuntu--and most gnome-based linux distributions, for that matter--the default PDF viewer is Evince Document Viewer. However, a much better alternative PDF viewer exists: xpdf

In my experience, xpdf uses only about 5% as much RAM as evince!

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WebCollage screensaver

You must be 18 years or older to read this post. NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

I upgraded to gutsy recently. One thing I don't like about ubuntu is that (unlike gentoo) your options for screensavers are severely limited. In Gentoo, you can select 1 screensaver, or random screensavers of your choice. In Ubuntu, however, you only have two options: 1 screensaver OR random screensavers (where you can't select WHICH random--it picks a random screensaver from the whole lot).

I guess that Ubuntu released a bunch of new screensavers with their release of Gutsy. Every now and then I'd see a new one that I'd either like or dislike. However, one stood out from the rest: WebCollage.

WebCollage randomly picks pictures from the internet and displays them as a collage. It's a cool idea, but we all know that 75% of the internet is porn. This screensaver is NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

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The test of three antennas

I just got the wireless working on my new laptop in ubuntu (thank god for forums), and I was disgusted to find that from my room I got ~20% signal quality. I knew the problem could be with the laptop or the wireless router, but since I can't do anything about the laptop I did some tests with my router by using three different antennas.

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