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Welcome Back!

This blog has been down for a few months while my servers were physically being moved. However, I finally purchased VPS hosting, and downtime should no longer be an issue! To celebrate, I’m going to provide my Google Alphabet as filler for this post (an interesting experiment I saw here http://www.rosshuggett.com/2010/12/my-google-alphabet.html)

a is for aol
b is for bank of america
c is for craigslist
d is for dictionary
e is for ebay
f is for facebook
g is for gmail
h is for hotmail
i is for ikea
j is for jetblue
k is for kmart
l is for lowes
m is for mapquest
n is for netflix
o is for orlando sentinel
p is for publix
q is for quotes
r is for rate my professor
s is for southwest airlines
t is for target
u is for ucf
v is for valencia community college
w is for walmart
x is for xl 106.7
y is for youtube
z is for zillow

The list is quite curious. I disable Web History in all my Google accounts, so these suggested words are most likely regional. It’s interesting to see what others in your area are searching for, though.

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