GPG Key Transition Statement

After 8 years, I’ve decided to transition from my original GPG key and replace it with one that uses a stronger master key that meets NIST guidelines.

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UCF Wifi Rant

While I frustratingly waited to connect to the UCF Wifi after a recent change to their system, I typed up the following email complaint to the UCF DoIT Manager. If *you* have also had issues with unstable/dropped connections, slow bandwidth, latency, or the inability to connect to the UCF Wifi, I urge you to also . . . → Read More: UCF Wifi Rant

Welcome Back!

This blog has been down for a few months while my servers were physically being moved. However, I finally purchased VPS hosting, and downtime should no longer be an issue! To celebrate, I’m going to provide my Google Alphabet as filler for this post (an interesting experiment I saw here

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My Cycling Blog


Much to my surprise, I discovered that I have 25 registered users to this web blog. I’d like to take this opportunity to point out that I’ve since created another “blog specifically to document a ~3,000 mile bicycle trip that a friend and me are embarking on this summer (2010). The website is: . . . → Read More: My Cycling Blog


Note: Thermite is a dangerous pyrotechnic mixture. I am not a licensed professional; I am merely a pyrotechnic hobbyist. If you plan on experimenting with thermite, be sure to research safety precautions of making, storing, reacting, and cleaning-up thermite. Also, be sure to check with your local law-enforcement agency to see if thermite is legal . . . → Read More: Thermite