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Gutsy Upgrade

So, I upgraded by laptop (hp tx1000z) from Feisty Fawn (Ubuntu Linux Version 7.04) to Gutsy Gibbon (Ubuntu Linux Version 7.10) today. My results are as follows:


Integrated Wireless support for broadcom chips Ubuntu FINALLY has pidgin. It automatically backed up my overwritten config files. The "Leave Message" feature of Gnome 2.20.0


The integrated wireless support for my broadcom chip does not work at all. The laptop doesn't boot unless I press the power button after an erorr, then repeatedly tap a key. It killed virtual box (my virtual machine program) My speakers don't produce sound anymore My webcam no longer works My touchscreen isn't working anymore (it's not misconfigured; it's not recognized) Computer starts with infinite >97% CPU usage 30% of the time My computer's screen dims after momentary idle My computer's screen dims after momentary idle after I turn uncheck the "Dim when idle option" My computer turns off after I have the laptop lid closed for a few minutes The computer isn't auto-locked anymore when the lid is closed Pornographic screensaver was installed on my computer

More cons (I separated this list from the other because it's not something that Gutsy broke, but something it
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